Product Designer

Cappy is currently a Product Designer at Outpost Games, focusing on the Hero Platform experience. Previously, she was a Product Designer at Proletariat Games, focusing on building out both the Streamote experience and the StreamLegends Twitch Extension. Before Proletariat, she was one of the founding members of a small relationship app company called Rekindle, which was acquired by HubSpot, where she was aqui-hired to work as one of their Product Designers for Sidekick. While at Rekindle, she worked as their Lead UX/UI Designer, creating and designing the entire app from a basic concept all the way to the App Store. She received her formal experience and UI training through Intrepid Pursuits apprenticeship program, specializing in wireframing and identifying optimal design solutions for their clients' app needs.

Interests: Norwegian Black Metal, Korean Food, Watermelon Hint Water, Margaritas, Tattoos, Cats (and animals in general), Magic the Gathering, Painting

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Northeastern University  c/o 2013

Digital Art, Game Design, 

and Computer Science