As my good friend Alice Chuang pointed out, it's literally been years since I've updated my website and blog. After countless hours in the operation room, it is with great pleasure that I unveil this new and improved personal website. Currently seeking compliments on my new nose (just kidding).

Here are some quick updates regarding my life thus far. Rekindle was acquired by HubSpot  back in March and I've been working there as a Product Designer ever since. Not going to lie, I was pretty intimidated to join HubSpot. I had previously assumed that the HubSpot office culture was fully saturated with "brogrammers" and "blogger biddies". Turns out that the product team's the complete opposite of that. It's filled with some of the most inspirational, talented, and down-to-earth people I've ever met. Here's a super formal picture of my team. 

 Look at my wünderful team 

Look at my wünderful team 

Here at Hubspot, I've been working on this beast of a product called Sidekick. What started out as a simple email tracking app has cascaded into a multi-faceted product. The current challenge now is to unify and package the experience. I'll discuss my process (wins and frustrations) on designing Sidekick in an upcoming post.



I cannot be more happy about this past weekend. Between PAX and RISE, things could not have worked out better for my team and I : ) We all placed 2nd before the Interactive Media Capstone Team in a pool of 200 applicants or so. Go Team3 -- Our hard work has finally paid off! At PAX, jesse and I placed first for the 2-headed giant MTG (Magic the Gathering) tournament, winning us 24 packs total! Above all, PAX was an amazing experience. I really wish it didn't overlap with GDC, but so it goes. There's always next year! 

So remember how I said I finally "finished" designing my business cards? After talking to some designers, I just discovered MOO business cards and am going to redesign my business cards again. Their card stock quality is just amazing! And who doesn't love rounded business cards? Snazzy stuff. 

As per usual, it is now 6:30AM and Julie and I have just pulled another all nighter trying desperately to finish our character design projects. This semester's been rough but we're almost done! Can't wait :)