Whitetruffle T-Shirt Design Ideas

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Post Thursday all-nighters are quite brutal :( But it is Friday at last! Rejoice, PAX east is next week! The Made in MA party should be quite awesome -- good networking and good eats, what more could I ask for.

Aside from all these exciting upcoming events, Whitetruffle has just recommissioned me for another T-Shirt Design. This time, they're thinking a pink t-shirt with a silhouetted  Smarty (the pig), with the printed slogan "Do you ever dream in code?" on the back. I still need to work out what I want to design on the front. It's gotta be as catchy as my original WT background design but less "market deco" and more "typo". There current website's amazing -- I'm really digging the company buttons :)

A Little About Whitetruffle: For any engineers that are looking to get hooked up with their dream job, definitely consider giving Whitetruffle a try. Consider them the OkCupid for job hunting (specifically for engineers and tech-designers). They want to customize the experience of job hunting as much as possible, without having to pay for a recruiter. Yes, the service is free!! Signing up is easy and they are extremely responsive. After completing their profile, most candidates receive "matches" extremely quickly (especially for engineers). For now to my knowledge, the service is most effective for engineers currently in the San Francisco, CA area. I know that they have expanded to companies around the country but I'm not sure how many. Best to just contact them, they'll let you know if the service is right for you :) 

Now, back to designing ;) 

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 12.57.28 PM.png


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