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“Serving as the core element of the SOS experience, Hero is a groundbreaking platform that encourages players to be creative with their personalities, play styles, and interactions with others. It could be the door that leads eager streamers to reach the masses, all while providing a fun experience and a great show for spectators.”
— cogconnected


Product Designer


Feedback System, Repping System, Channel Page, Discover Page, User Dashboard, Hero Branding


What is it?

Hero is a Twitch-compatible platform which enables richer engagement between live-streamers and their audiences. Viewers are able to react using 5 different emotes in real-time, while streamers and game developers gain insight on what content is most compelling to their audiences. In addition, the platform is built with our in-house game SOS in mind, where viewers are able to affect the course of the game through voting on what drops players in-game should receive. 

Who's our core audience?

Initially, Hero was built to encourage turning players of SOS into performers (live streamers), and thus we concentrated on building user stories around broadcasters and live-stream viewers. After the launch of SOS, the company realized that Hero needed to be much more feature agnostic and needed to be flexible with different potential games. The focus has now shifted towards making more developer-centric tools, while still making tools that further enhance both streamers and their viewers' experience (i.e. tipping, custom vote, etc.)  

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 5.18.18 PM.png

Channel Page:


The Channel Page is an enhanced Twitch viewing experience where the viewers can proactively react to the content that's being streamed using the 5 emotes (Shock, Laughter, Clap, Love, Anger). It's also a place where viewers can affect the game of SOS being played by voting for what items to drop on the island.
FYI: As you can see on this mock, we are currently also in the works of rolling out our version of a tipping feature called "Repping". More details to come! 


The goal of the product was to off board people off of Twitch and onto Hero as their primary stream viewing destination.

Lessons learned:

Initially, the page was designed to maintain the familiarity of a standard Twitch Channel page, while adding pieces of Hero-branded experiences in non-intrusive ways. It was incredibly challenging to leave a streamers below-the-fold material/ads off the screen since that was their main source of income. 100% of our users said they enjoyed receiving real-time reactions and preferred the way Hero looked to Twitch, minus the fact that we omitted their about sections and ads below the video. We concluded that having users switch between services was way to big of an ask, and now are in the works of building out a Hero Twitch Extension.


The Repping Dashboard MVP


The "Repping" system is Hero's way of allowing viewers to support their favorite streamers. A viewer "reps" their favorite streamer by first purchasing Hero Coins and then simply click on the "rep machine" to send their coins to the streamer. The rep will then come through on the streamer's Hero Hud in varying forms (the bigger the tip, the more epic the effect). Once a streamer has received a minimum of $20 in Hero coins, they can simply withdraw through using a confirmed PayPal email. Streamers can also view their most recent stream's rep receipts, and look at their general channel revenue. 


The goal of repping is to allow for a frictionless way for people to send their monetary support to their favorite streamers. After interviewing many streamers, they all had issues with pre-existing tipping services (i.e. twitch bits don't really show up/is unclear on how it's supposed to be used and Streamlabs PayPal flow is too long). 


(More details to come)