Rekindle was an experimental social networking app that focused on allowing users to reconnect with their past friends and flames with no risks of rejection. It was designed to reduce the chance of rejection through using a double opt-in system where the user only had to tap the flame icon to send the correspondent an anonymous message with hints on who the rekindler was. The correspondent will then receive the message with a link that allowed them to download the app and immediately see that person populate somewhere close to the top of the feed. 

At the beginning stages of building Rekindle, the co-founders and I identified the key pain point and spitballed lightweight solutions coupled with a plethora of lo-res sketches (like the one you see here). I would then make countless prototypes with the main engineer on the team and user test them internally within our incubator before investing any additional resources into making higher fidelity assets. 

The idea of the app was definitely an interesting social experiment that I had wanted to conduct on my own, hence why I decided to join the start up. The app had gone through 3 different iterations, each with slightly varying “request” mechanics and massive UI overhauls. It was particularly challenging seeing as I was the only designer on the team. In order to get constructive feedback, I frequently asked highly reputable designers such as Sam Dunn (from Robin) and Alice Chuang (from Wellframe) for feedback. Rekindle was an invaluable experience for me in both developing my skills as a Product Designer and experience in going through an acquisition.