product Status: OFFLINE // Company: proletariat inc.

“Streamote is revolutionizing the way we watch live streams. It’s insane that we’re able to affect the way the game progresses despite not actually playing the game itself.
— Namhoh


Lead Product Designer


Streamote Platform (betting, mod inventory system, voting, bingo, and leaderboards), Streamer Dashboard, Progression System, Twitch Extension, White Label


Streamote was an enhanced Twitch compatible streaming platform that I developed at Proletariat. It allowed Twitch streamers and their audience members to have meaningful interactions with minimal effort. We built a direct integration between Streamote and our game Streamline, as well as creating a whitelabel version of Streamote for other developers to easily integrate their games onto our platform.


The primary objective of this product was to create a remote controlled experience for audience members to interact with their favorite streamers in a way that could affect the outcome of the game.



I was brought onto Proletariat to design a Twitch-enabled streaming platform that allowed for interactivity between streamers and their viewers that wasn't only chatting. To help showcase the power of Streamote, Proletariat was also developing a game in-house called Streamline, one of the first stream-first games ever built (Stream-first games are designed specifically for streaming and usually allow for some sort-of audience participation).  

Streamline is a game where one hunter chases down and eliminates the "runner" players. Viewers influence the game itself by voting on arena modifications which in turn force the players to adapt on the fly to varied threats. We thought it would be exciting for viewers to be able to help or hamper their favorite streamers. To facilitate that, we built Streamote voting which allowed viewers to vote on these arena mods several times each game. We then realized that the novelty of just voting wore off too fast, so we added further functionality to Streamote to keep people interacting with the system. This included betting on how long players would survive and bingo based on achievements and events that occurred during any given round. In addition, we built a user dashboard for streamers that let them easily invite their Twitch viewers into their Streamline games.

Initial reactions to using Streamote leaned positive, but the one big caveat was that Streamers were unwilling to give up their native ad spaces on Twitch: in order to use the Streamote UI, on its own webpage, they had to sacrifice their Twitch profile and ad panels which in turn was a direct revenue loss for them.