Stream Legends

product Status: OFFLINE // Company: proletariat inc.

Stream Legends is much more addicting than it would seem. It’s the perfectly pocket sized RPG where I can play with my friends while watching my favorite stream!
— abittoolethal


Product Designer


Stream Legends Website, Stream Legends Twitch Extension



Stream Legends (formally known as StreamRPG) is a Twitch Extension where broadcasters can engage with their community members through collectively playing a PVE clicker-RPG. What's particularly unique about Stream Legends is that game's bosses/loot will vary depending on what genre of game the streamer is currently streaming (i.e. if you're playing a sci-fi based game, the loot will all be sci-fi themed). 


The Story:

A brief period before Proletariat decided to shift gears away from becoming a platform company, our team had a pitch-a-thon where members of the platform team would pitch a version of Streamote that focused on solving a specific pain point streamers faced. I decided to focus on viewer engagement. While working on Streamote, one of the major takeaways from our broadcaster interviews was how to have meaningful experiences with their community members outside of chat. Since a lot of viewers are fully immersed in the game they're watching their favorite broadcasters play, I decided to pitch a collaborative mini clicker RPG where the community members can help each other build up a streamer's "town" for loot.

At first, we started by recycling what's left of the Streamote UI and replacing all of the side-bar elements with the new clicker RPG called StreamRPG (as seen in this gallery). We quickly prototyped all of our pitches, including StreamRPG and shot it out to a bunch of streamers we had established relationships with to get some initial feedback. Out of all of the prototypes, StreamRPG by far had the best retention rate. However, while many streamers enjoyed the game, they generally were not too thrilled about bouncing their viewers out of their Twitch channels.

Subsequently, Twitch (who we were still in contact with) was just starting to roll out their extensions program and invited Proletariate to participate as one of the first extensions they'd feature. And since StreamRPG had the best retention rate, it made sense for the company to rebrand StreamRPG into Stream Legends, a Twitch extension. The main challenge here was to squeeze all of these elements into a small window. I wireframed many different solutions and collectively decided that a bottom nav seemed most natural, along with a relatively agnostic chunky art that both held true to Proletariat's style while also refraining from becoming to "cutesy". We ended up launching the extension in late August of 2017 with a relatively high amount of DAU's (itsHafu, a pro Hearthstone streamer still has it on her channel today!).