hi! I’m cappy

I’m currently a UX Designer at Electronic Arts, working on Plants vs Zombies 3, where I’m currently focused on developing the social features to the title.

I received my UX/UI training formally from Intrepid Pursuits, and graduated from Northeastern University in 2013, where I studied Digital Art, Game Design, and Computer Science.

In terms of personality, my past co-workers tend to say that I’m easy going, efficient, reliable and fun to work with. I thrive in a diverse team environment that’s passionate, high energy, tight-knit, and friendly. I am curious by nature and will always striving to learn and improve on my pre-existing skills, as well as new tools and tech.

If you feel like we could be a match, feel free to reach out below! Thanks for stopping by :)

Casual Interests: Eating, Margaritas, Tattoos, Cats (of all sizes), Magic the Gathering, Norwegian Black Metal, Trash Garbage Reality TV, Traveling, Neon Signs

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Northeastern University c/o 2013

Digital Art, Game Design,

and Computer Science